Costa verde e Prata: Costa Verde e Prata / Silver and Green Coast
Western Cultural heritage

President:Olívia da Costa, Lisboa, Portugal

Key word that turns any project into a unique event!
Offer tourism services based on all the potential offered by the West Region of Portugal, developing, creating and marketing tourist products, including itineraries, tourist packages, and tourist routes.
Satisfy all the knowledge needs of the region, namely cultural heritage, endogenous, wine, nature, etc. Through careful research on the material and intangible heritage of the region.
Bet on an articulation with all public or private entities that allow a better dynamization of the West in line with the preservation and disclosure of its identity.
It started in 2014 as a “Project” for the creation of an Association whose main axis of action was Tourism; integrating public and private entities in order to enhance the sustainable development of the twelve municipalities that make up the western sub-region (Alcobaça, Alenquer, Arruda dos Vinhos, Bombarral, Cadaval, Caldas da Rainha, Lourinhã, Nazaré, Óbidos, Peniche, Sobral de Monte Agraço and Torres Vedras) in the context of a global policy to boost Local and Regional development.
In 2016 it became a company of social responsibility with the creation of the event: Oeste - AUCTION BENEFICENTE solidarity.
Keeping the same backbone gave rise to a Brand in 2017.
He joined plastic arts in partnership with Cultartis - Association for the promotion of arts, Caldas da Rainha and CTT-Correios de Portugal for the creation of the Whole Postal Ticket launched in 2019 promoting the West of Portugal both nationally and internationally; and to contribute to the promotion / dissemination of the same with patronage actions.
In the same year he created Verde e Prata. Costa Gallery with the purpose of promoting "art for art"
Bold and with differentiated proposals the BRAND Costa Verde and Prata / Silver and Green Coast promotes the West Region of Portugal alongside other entities

Olívia da Costa
Costa Verde e Prata
WhatsApp - +351918652872
"ART QUARANTINE" - 6th Edition
Sixth Virtual Art Exhibition - 106 artists from 31 different countries!
67th International Cultural Exchange of art - Art, life and survive!
Director and Art Curator: Baronesa Jiselda Salbu
Art to Art Italia (Margot Andrioni)
Ramce Art Studio
Costa Verde e Prata (Olivia da Costa)
ABBA (Alicia Cunto)
Magenta (Dulce Menezes)
Rosangela Vig Atelier Art
Centro campineiro de artes e folclore (Marly Stracieri)
Von Zeidler Art Gallery (FAM & EVENTS ASBL)
Atelier & Creativity Fabio Miranda.

Music: Anche se non trovi le parole (Elisa)
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Anche Se Non Trovi Le Parole
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UMG (på vegne av Universal Music Italia srL.); LatinAutor - PeerMusic, AtlasMusicPub, SODRAC, LatinAutor og 3 organisasjoner for musikkrettigheter - Exhibition only Photographers for Virtual Art Show 17th june 2020


Arte Expo is giving opportunity to all Artists in this Universe.
Come join us: Free
Opportunity for yourself, and participate in the samples crossing the borders.

"Exhibition for Photographers Only" -

Sixth - Exhibition only Photographers for Virtual Art Show

Artcom Expo International Association of Artists and Partnerships

66th International Cultural Exchange of Arts
6a Edition - Art Quarantine -”Art and Life Survive! "

Opening of Virtual Exhibition:17th of June 2020

Visual Art Exhibition - Free

Dear Artists:
Our primary objective is to establish the dissemination of Artists from the Countries listed
above and to bring their Art to Europe through Artcom Expo Internacional Cultural - Scandinavia -
Europe - Latin America -
People should always see the best of life, even with obstacles and problems. This is the first
step to live in harmony. Thus it will be possible to see the facts in a positive way and to enjoy
life. Art in general is the best therapy in the world. The Art keeps the artist focused and
determined on the work that will be done, concentrated what turns to be the best medicine,
especially when we have time to produce something with love and affection. The best and the most
difficult moments Will be recorded in Art!
Go slightly through the day, smile whenever is possible and at the end of the day, reflect on
positive goals for the next day. Start the day well, and then it will end even better. Focus on
what interests you and thus, nothing will be able to shake your plans. Wait for positive
directions for you and let life show you that it can be even better than your plans. Be positive
and start the day well. Love, live intensely, smile and be good to yourself.
For every day the Earth revolves around itself. The sun rises and sets so the moon can reign. The
world spins. Life goes around. And everything has its time.
You have to be patient and know how to wait. Each new day that is born is a new chance to
continue trying and elaborating with love, affection and another Creativity of these sad moments.
When you wake up always think that the world and life do not stop, even while you sleep. And so
you will be doing a very different and positive work.
Waiting with support from those who breathe and live for Art! Success to all who will
So, I will not do Salon Premier Virtual, because this would not have any credibility, mainly
because I do not have a Jury with the works exposed to the public so that they could really have
been evaluated, and when it is virtual, with a link or virtual vote, it looses its value! People
usually asks friends to vote for them, what is not fair. For that reason we will be change the
Virtual Reward!
Opening: Delivery of Virtual Certificates, Flyer and Virtual Catalog AND yOTUB Get in touch:
DIMENSION of the works: Free The artist will be able to exhibit 1 work - done in the course of
World isolation.

"Exhibition for Photographers Only" -

Registration is open to all interested artists.
Documents to be provided
Send a resume with a thousand letters - a photo of the Artist - A photo of the Work that will
appear in the Virtual Catalog 17ofJune 2020.
Fill in the attached form and send it by e-mail:

Work Data:
Generales Coordinatores: Baroness Jiselda Salbu

Norway May 2020
President- Hans Arnt Salbu Baroness Jiselda Salbu


Artcom Expo Internacional Director and Coordinator Artcomexpo

Creator of the Project / General Coordination: Baroness Jiselda Salbu
Artcom Expo Internacional Director and Coordinator Artcomexpo
Urene, 6730 Davik Norway-
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