Michele d’Angella, Italy

Artist: Michele d’Angella, Italy
Born in Milan on 15 August 1976.
Drawing from when I remember it, it has always been my outlet and one of my favorite pastimes along with sport and photography.
My journey into creativity starts with graphite and then moves from colored pencils to watercolors.
I have always been curious and I cannot tie myself to a specific style, I constantly look for new materials and painting techniques that can stimulate my desire to create something new but above all that I enjoy.
Lately I have been passionate about the "fluid painting" technique and the "material painting" that together give me the opportunity to combine solid and liquid to give birth to a hybrid style that gives me a lot of personal satisfaction.
I am in search of a unique style that can identify me as an artist, to be recognized at first glance, and I think I succeeded by combining my first passion "fluid painting" with "black & white", always following a theme that contrasts the good and evil, the beautiful and the ugly, the dark and the colors.
I have always kept my art for myself until in December 2018 I decided to expose myself to the world to make known what I create and to compare myself with other artists, using social media and trying to participate in group exhibitions.
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