Kevin Pereira Miranda Lima,Guinea-Bissau

Artist:Kevin Pereira Miranda Lima,Guinea-Bissau

Kevin Pereira Miranda Lima
was born in Bissau on 12/25/1993. He is a Modern Hyper-Realistic Artist Based on his community, the artist portrays the daily lives of the African people, especially children, going to the market, working on the balls and traces of African women's work. It is a way of honoring the people of Africa, the artist creates pieces that portray the lives of people around him.

His work is “a gradual process”, taking about three weeks to create individual and unique pieces because of the complexity it can take up to a few months of work. His paintings hit the retina like rays of light in a clear blue sky. It not only documents reality, but intensifies it by exploding everyday objects in gigantic proportions. This gives you the opportunity to explore each detail closely and dissect it, layer by layer, to get to the heart of the theme. "My paintings," notes Kevin, "aim to enable the viewer to experience reality once more. The way in which Kevin approaches his work goes directly back to the seventeenth century. He resembles the great masters of realistic paintings, Vermeer in his lucid use of color and eye for detail and refinement, while the lighting in his paintings resembles the play of light and shadow in Rembrandt's work, but does so in an individual and modern way.
Began painting professionally in 2014 In 2016 he held his first exhibition at Portuguese Cultural Center,
Kevin was a finalist in numerous art awards in Guinea Bissau
was awarded best Guinean artist of the year 2018
2016 Portuguese Cultural Center Camões Institute
2016hotel azalay
2017 hotel Libya
2018 Portugal (algarve hotel santa eulalia)
2018 Portugal (silver arm)
2019 Portugal (Algarve out there)
2019 Brussels (European Parliament)
2019 Spain (Museum of Fine Art)
His artworks are exhibited in collections worldwide and regularly exhibited outside Guinea Bissau.
Portugal, Luxemburg, Germany ,, Cape Verde, England, France, USA
I has many collective expectations.
Kevin currently works and resides in Algarve

Amor de Pai

Amor de Mae

A Genuina