Andréa Araújo Ribeiro, Brazil

Artist:Andréa Araújo Ribeiro, Brazil
- Born in Abaeté(MG) Brazil, on november 13, 1962.
I always drew.
At 18, I joined an arts college - FUMA (today Escola Guignard)
But, when I realized that in Brazil art is not valued and the life difficulties of veteran artist, I changed the course of my
superior degree.
I supressed my artistc soul.
I became an administrator of a company, founded by down business, and since then I've been a successful businesswoman.
I drew every now and then, but felt that something was missing in me.
I got to visit museums all around the world, and inexplicably broke down to tears facing works of the great masters.
I love the paintings, but it felt like something unaltainable to me.
However, in a recreational activity, I collaborated on a painting and that was it all for me.
The collors, the smell of the oil paint, my love for painting... everything I had buried for 38 years came to surface like an
Now, I never miss a day without painting. I get so involved whit it that I feel that the canvas, pratically paints itself.
I left my CO position to give myself, body and soul, to painting.

CÓPIA DE GUERCINO - São Lucas óleo sobre tela 60x80cm

Cavalo óleo sobre tela 40x 60cm

Manuela - óleo sobre tela 40x 60cm

Auto-retrato - óleo sobre tela 60x 80cm

Galo - óleo sobre tela 40x50cm

João de barro- óleo sobre tela 30x 40cm

João de barro- óleo sobre tela 30x 40cm

Rosa - óleo sobre tela 60x80cm

Orquídea óleo sobre tela 40x40cm

Lírios óleo sobre tela 60x80cm