Tânia Stefanelli Said, Campinas - SP

Artist:Tânia Stefanelli Said, Campinas - SP
"In love with art since I was a kid, I won my first collection of colored pens at the age of 6. With twelve I started
my career in painting under the influence of my mother, who always made beautiful canvases.
In 1989 I graduated in artistic education from PUC Campinas and from there I dedicated myself to the canvases.
I love colors and I like to use alternative materials in my works, like sand, stone, mass, paper and all kinds of texture in
I received honorable mention and medals at exhibitions beginning in 2001. In 2004 I was invited to participate in the collection of the launch of the Anthology: "The voice of Inspiration proza, poetry and painting".
In 2005 I was cataloged by Editora Domani Artistic Publications Vol. VI (page 112) and participated in the first arts hall of ESPCEX
(Preparatory School of Cadets of the Army).
I was invited by the Latin American Academy of Art (ALA), the Historical Museum of the Army and the Copacabana Fort for the I Mostra
National Plastic Arts Fort of Copa Cabana, in Rio de Janeiro.
I participated in the Golden Jubilee of the Campinense Academy of Letters, where I received medals.