Artist:Marly Stracieri, Campinas

Artist:Marly Stracieri, Campinas
Natural of Campinas, formed by PUCC in Arts and Pedagogy.
Art teacher, event organizer, poet, sculptor, book illustrator, curator and folklorist.
She founded the Campineiro Center of Arts and Folklore, today with 27 years of existence and 350 cataloged artists.
Holder of chair of Arts in the Academy: Campineira of Letters and Arts, Afpesp Academy, Campineira Academy of Sciences Arts and Arts of the Armed Forces.
Director of Arts of the Poetry and Art Center of Campinas.
Curator of the Lelio Coluccini Gallery of the Campinense Academy of Letters.
The only artist in Brazil who performs the Russian technique in oil portraits.
Awarded in Brazil and abroad.
She has already organized more than 100 events of Arts in Campinas, extolling the culture of this city of music and the arts.
His motto Live for art.