Artist: Dilza Araújo , USA

Artist: Dilza Araújo , USA
Ms Araujo was invited and participles in the XIII Latin American Cultural Exchange and II Arts Expo -BRAZIL- Chile, Santiago Chile. She received a diploma from the Brazilian Academy of Arts , Culture and History and the Latin American Arts Academy. Participation in this cultural exchange between Brazil and Chile, sponsored by reputable Latin American and Brazilian organizations demonstrate the level national and international recognition that Ms Araujo has achieved. She was also Invited and partícipes in the Encaustic’s Soul &PLUS EXHIBITION at the Rio Gallery in New York between June 2 and June 22, 2002. She recited medal in the 1st Brazilian Artistic and Cultural integration sponsored by the Brazilian Academy of Cultural and Historical Art.2nd prize in American Quality awarded in October 2009 by the Metropolitan Museum in Brazil.Ms Araujo received a certificate and medal for her contribution to the 50 years celebration of the Brasilia from the Distrito Federal State Secretariat of Culture in partnership with the Brazilian Academy and History and the Brasilia Pioneers Club . Her contributions included her exhibit ‘’ A Cara de Brasilia ‘’ and her participation in the book titled ‘’ Brasilia 50 Anos ‘’ .
Medal for her participation in Spazio Surreal . Medal and diploma received for the commemoration of the proclamation of the Republic, Flag Day and nomination of the Brazilian Academic Council of Arts and Cultural History.
Ms Araujo and her work received significant recognition in Brazil and abroad. She has been invited countless times to her work by government agencies and respected national and international organizations . Her work was exhibited at the Brazilian Congressional Library in November 1997.recognized for her participation in the creation of a historical biographical work, the book ‘’ Brasilia 50 Anos “, which was created in conjunction with a number of government agencies. She was invited to be a part of the significant historical work because of his prominence as an artist and because of her contributions to the artistic field in Brazil.
In 2005 she was selected for the VI Annual Exhibition of the Plastic Artists for the UNAP[ Uniao dos Artistas Plasticos ]. the National Union of Plastics Artists of Brazil.
She received the Diploma in Recognition from Galeria Spazio Surreale for the appreciation of work she has developed and her participation in international exhibition.
Ms Araujo received the National Symbols Diploma from Brazilian Academy of Arts, Culture and History and the Brazilian Biographic Institute in recognition of her excellence in cultivating the national flag. She has received significant recognition for achievements from organizations, critics, government agencies, or other recognized experts in the field in which she is engaged as evidenced by national and international awards and invitation to and participation in major publications, exhibits and shows. HER WEBSITE


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