Artist Photography:Graciella Harger, UK

Artist Photography:Graciella Harger, UK
Graciella is a multi award winning. Her photography offers a new way of looking at the marvelous details we encounter in daily life. Restlessly seeking the unusual in the usual, Graciella’s carefully composed shots feature common objects reframed and revisited. Plunging into each object with a freshly born vigor, Graciella is concerned with the photograph as a residue of a unique experiential encounter. Abstract marks and scrawls, patterns, systems and maps emerge from familiar artificial and organic matter. Rust, plant life, paint and architectonic abstractions in dynamic hues reveal their own unique look.
Based in London, Graciella is a self-taught Brazilian photographer, that has a Graphic Design degree, and over 10 years of experience as a tutor in Graphic Arts and 5 years like a professional photographer.
She offer a scope of photographic work that includes macros, cityscapes, landscapes, portraits, newborns, family groups, and pets photography.
She is a passionate experienced photographer who has learnt the art of Photography in London..
Photos tell a story for her, not in the most basic sense but in her imagination. She believes capturing a moment in time is an emotional experience and should cause a reaction in those that are viewing the photo.
She likes to watch sunsets and sunrises and sometimes I she lucky to get some good photos from those.
Allways looking at the sky and horizon, waiting and dreaming better views.
Allways carrying her camera with her.
After She moved to London, She developed a knack for Belly and babies photography.
She have also lived in the UK for many years, and domiciled in South East London, where She established her first home studio.
2016 |Writer of Newborn Photo Conference - EU Website
2016 |Rain of arts - London/UK A.B.A - Brazilian Artisan Association and Guests .
2017 |Art fashion Exhibition - London/UK A.B.A - Brazilian Artisan Association and Guests
2017 | Art show Salon Carrosel Du Louvre - Paris
2018 | Art Index - Dubai
2018 | Art gallery - Vienna
2017 | WAP (World of Art Photography) - Winning Artistic Photo
2017 | ArtCom Expo - Salon Carousel Du Louvre - Paris - Gold Medal in Digital Photography
2018 | ArtCom Expo - Art Index - Dubai - Gold Medal in Digital Photography
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