Artist:Tiago Azevedo, Portugal

I was born in the Azores islands and influenced by that environment I have

been drawing magical worlds and fantastic creatures since a very young age.

Latter I attended Art School for a period of three years however I decided to

graduate as an Architect.

Even though I was working as an architect by choice, those fantastic

creatures were screaming to get out.

So I finally decided to follow my passion and dedicate my full attention to the

artistic expression of my world.

Consequently my themes always revolve around Fantasy and Religion.

As a technique I use oil painting for its colour richness and jewel like effect.

At the moment I am working on an illustrated book based on my interpretation

of the Brothers Grimm Fairytales. This emerged out of my move to Germany

and my passion for German folk stories.

The Frog King

Snow White

The Evil Queen

Red Riding Hood

The Mermaid

Virgin and Child

Little Fairy