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To all artists and fraternal friends that always accompanies me.

Also forward this e-mail to your artist-friends.

Below you will find exhibition places that may be relevant in 2016.

Choose which exhibits you might be interested in attending, and send feedback via e-mail.

We also now start the registration for participation in the book Artists Across Continents 2016, that will be released in September 2016. Also give a feedback if you are interested in attending

Exhibitions 2016

0- Círculo Militar de São Paulo - R. Abílio Soares, 1589 - Paraíso, São Paulo /   Brazil   Maio   2016  -Salon Awarded

1.INDEX Dubai -23-26. May  2016  and -II Launch of the Second Edition of the book : Artists Across Continents 2015.

Hotel:The View Al Barsha ResidenceThe View Al Barsha Residence  / Al Barsha Road, Al Barsha P.O. Box 72584, Dubai, U.A.E TEL: +971-4-3750999 . price: 100 dollar for  four  people .

 2. Portugal - Still planning.

 3. Spain -Valencia. Still planning.

 4. New York, Viewing dates and possibilities

 5. Greece -Embassy of Albania in Athens.

 6. Brazil, Angra dos Reis - Navy College - Rio de Janeiro 2016 - Salon Awarded

 7. Oslo. Embassy of Brazil in Norway. III  Year at the Brazilian  Cultural Week. in Norway 6 to 9 September 2016.

First launch of the Book Artists Across Continents III Edition 2016. Award Winning Salon.

See the link bellow:  Fevereiro 2016  Embaixada do Brasil em Oslo- Link: http://sistemas.mre.gov.br/kitweb/datafiles/Oslo/ptbr/file/Informativo/Informativo_2016_02.pdf

 8. Other exhibitions in Norway: Museum in Stavanger and/or Cultural Center at Nordfjordeid.

 9. Carroussel Du Louvre 2016 -21 et 23 October 2016 19-22 pm. / IV year Awarded salon. Launch of Book Artists Across Continents III Edition 2016.

Ibis Budget Paris Porte de Bercy –this  Hotel only 50 euros II  people / 20 minuts on bus to Louvre and back to the hotel  


 10.Rome - Galleria la Pigna, (Vatican owned building) -  Via della Pigna, 13th (Palazzo Maffei II – 14 et  28. October. Awarded salon.  II. year.  Launch of Book Artists Across Continents III Edition 2016

11. Embassy of Albania in Rome. Still planning.

12 -Spectrum Miami / located in the Arts & Entertainment District, Nov. 30 – Dec. 4, 2016


Launch of the Book Artists Across Continents III Edition 2016.

Costs, Prices for members.

Until now, the prices are just ready for some of the exhibitions and the book. All payments can be divided into three parts.

It is emphasized that this is not binding registration, but only a measurement of interests to participate.  Just give feedback for what you would like to attend of the options above.

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ou Hans Salbu    0047-47413621

 e-mail: aparsalb@frisurf.no    ou   salb2@online.no

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