Artist:Capt. Stjepko Mamic, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Capt. Stjepko Mamic, both a painter and sea captain was born in Dubrovnik, Croatia. His paintings are unique, bursting with color created with powerful strokes of the palette knife, full of light and positive energy. He implements an array of media: oil, acrylic, combining them with glowing effects and golden leaves. After thirty years of sea service he returned to home port and continues to work as a full time freelance artist/painter. He has perfected the techniques of contemporary painting at the Academy D’Arte Florence, Italy and Academia du Port-Royal, Paris, France. Stjepko is member of The Croatian Association Of Artists-Dubrovnik (HDLU-Dubrovnik) , Arteide, international cultural origination and Art Nation, international Artist Association based in Munich, Germany. He has exhibited extensively in individual and with groups of authors in Croatia and worldwide, like in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mostar, Sarajevo), Denmark (Frederiksvaerk), France (Paris, Aulnay-sous-Bois), Italy (Catania, Palermo, Lecce, Florence),Switzerland (Basel, Frick, Zurich), United Kingdome (London, Oxford) and USA ( New York, Los Angeles).His works are in holdings of numerous galleries and private collections worldwide. He become a permanent artist member of galleries "Artitude" at Paris, which is organizing world exhibition tour in 2015 starting from Paris, London, New York, Sao Paolo, Shanghai and Berlin).

Some of the most recent exhibitions and awards : Basel/Switzerland, August 2014; Frederiksvaerk/ Denmark, September 2014; Paris/ France, "La Grande Exposition Universelle", Tour Eiffel, October 2014; Paris "Carrousel du Louvre", October 2014; Catania/ Italy " Premio Arte Catania", November 201 4.; Paris European Biennale", December 2014;Lecce/ Italy, December 2014; London/ UK, exhibition Inside II at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery , December 2014 ; Palerrno / Italy "2nd Biennial at Palermo", January 2015; Oxford/ UK "Oxford international Art Fair", February 2015; Firenze/ Italy, Exhibition Florence Art, February/ March 2015; Dubrovnik, Croatia , Sebastian Art Gallery , March 2015, Solo exhibition at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, Pall Mall , London, Mat 2015. He received a plaque in 10/2014 for the best artist for stylistic values in the exhibition Exposition Universelle in Paris on the occasion of 125 years of the construction of the Eiffel tower; 12/2014 for stylistic values , Biennale in Paris; in 03/2015 at Florence Italy; Sandro Botticelli plaque for stylistic expression. In the 1 1/2014 at Lecce he was appointed Maestro of arts and won the Raffaello Sanzio Award for intellectual contribution to art where he was then appointed as Ambassador of culture in the world for human rights. A particular success were the paintings from the series "Net": in September he represented Croatia at the European international exhibition in Denmark with his painting "the Net where he won the first prize from the audience."The Net" was on the cover of Italian art magazine Effetto Arte, edited by Paolo Levi, the double issue 09/10.2014.ln November 2014. His paintings were included in the book international Contemporary Artists, Vol. IX (publisher ICA Publishing, Lexington Avenue New York); in 02/2015 at the Art Fair in Oxford, UK, he was placed in the Top 10 artists voted by the audience. Mamic’s painting Sails of St. Peter was chosen for the cover of the spring edition of 2015 British magazine Hidden Treasure Art magazine.

Some of forthcoming exhibition in 2015 :

Bruges, Belgium, July 2015, Exhibition at the Ferrari Museum, Maranello, October 2015,

Seoul Art Center, ExhibitionEye Contact in Art, Seoul, Korea, October 2015, Solo exhibition, Paris, France November 2015 ,,, etc .




Bachata 1,2,and 3,triptych , oil on canvas 100 x 50 cm a 3 pcs, Year 2013

Dubrovniks race, acrylic on linen canvas, size 100 x 50 cm, Year 2013

Dubrovnik 3D, acrylic on linen canvas, siye 100 x 80 cm, Year 2013

Adriatic coast, oil on linen canvas, size 100 x 100 xm, year 2014 -1

Heavenly sails, acrylics on linen canvas, size 200 x 80 cm (2x 100 x 80 cm diptych ) Year 2015

The Cove , oil on linen canvas , size 80 x 100 cm , Year 2013

CAPT. NEMO, acrylics on linen canvas, size 100 x 100 cm, Year 2014

St.Peter;s sails, acrylics on linen canvas, size 82x65cm, Year 2014