Leila Huguenin, Brazil

Artist:Leila Huguenin, Brazil
She was born in April 26th in 1953 in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.
She is graduated in Pedagogy and educational psychology. Besides that, she is a music student and sings in a choir.
She loves, respects and admire Arts and is always interested in developing herself and being involved in the artistic process. She loves painting and has been doing that for many years showing her work in some exhibitions in Brazil and many places around the world. In that way, she makes herself present for people who have acquired one of her pieces of art such as painting, drawing, water color, crayon, sculpture, accessories, decoration items or clothing.
It is creating that she looks for herself, finding meanings, growing up and allowing herself to express her deep soul and feeling the truth happiness from the magic of shapes and colors.
Eufrieda Stoop Space –(1970) (1972) Berlin- Germany
Banco do Brasil (Bank of Brazil) – Rio de Janeiro – 1975 / Banco Mercantil do Brasil- 1981- Minas Gerais- Brazil.
Marajoara Gallery –  2000, Búzios – Rio de Janeiro - Brazil / Estácio de Sá University –2008, Juiz de Fora – Brazil.
Magenta Gallery. 2012 – Figueira da Foz. Portugal
FIGARCO - First Art International Fair in Figueira da Foz 2012
Papão Café – Figueira da Foz –(2012) Portugal / Café Pérola Space – (2012) Coimbra – Portugal
ARTSHOW (2012) (2013) (2014) - Caldas da Rainha - Portugal
Figueira da Foz Center of Arts– 2012. Figueira da Foz. Portugal
Exhibition room of Dr. Lousan Henriques Museum – Coimbra - Portugal (2013).
.Art Gallery & Academy of the Arts, Union-New Jersey – USA.
Culture House of Ciudad de Rodrigo –2013. Spain
CAE – III MEETING OF SUCFCAFF – Figueira da Foz – Portugal
Lawyers Association – Coimbra – Portugal
Mira City Library– 2014-  Mira – Portugal.City Library of Montemor-o-velho, Portugal (2014).
Art Gallery & Academy of the Arts, Union-New Jersey – USA.
‘II Feira do Livro e das Artes - Figueira da Foz’, Pavilhão Multiusos – Figueira da Foz – Portugal. (2014)
“Europa Brasil, Uma Só Arte” Exposiçao Itinerante da Arte Galego Portuguesa (AAAGP):
Sociedade de Medicina e Cirurgia de Juiz de Fora – (nov. dez 2014) -Minas Gerais – Brasil
Ibitipoca – Minas Gerais (jan. feb.2015)Lima Duarte (mar.2015).
Salão Nobre da Sede Central do Clube Militar do Brasil. Rio de Janeiro - Brasil (maio 2015)
Galeria Studio Art M D’Azevedo (Agosto 2015)
Espaço Cultural da Embaixada de Oslo- Ano de 2015- Oslo – Noruega
Casino La Coruña – Coruña – Espanha.  (2016) (2013). Santiago de Compostela – Espanha.( 2016).
Galeria Studio Art M D’Azevedo. Exposição Arte Na Vila (July 2016) and December 2016.  – Brasília. DF. Brasil.
Continental Shopping – Exposição “Resiliência, a Arte de Viver (nov.2016) São Paulo Brasil.
Galeria Eduardfo Chicharri Exposiçao Arte Y Color, Madrid –Espanha (Jul. 2016)
Galeria Vieira Portuense. Largo dos Lóios, nº 50, 4050-338 Porto – Portugal. (2016)
Espaço Cultural da Embaixada de Oslo (2016) Oslo, Noruega/.Carrousel Du  Louvre – Paris -2015) França (Out. 2016).
Prefeitura de Miranda do Corvo – Coimbra - Portugal (com a Obra Intitulada “Miranda do Corvo) 2012.
Sociedade de Medicina e Cirurgia de Juiz de Fora – MG- Brazil ( 2014)
Galeria Eduardo Chicharro – Madrid – Spain. 2016
Figueira da Foz -  Portugal (2012)(2014).
DESIGN AND CREATION OF PIECES OF ART: Sculptures, Clothing ( pants, shorts, dresses,blouses, jewelry, necklace, bags, showing the indigenous graffiti having Brazilian flowers and animals).
Represented in private collections in the countries: Spain, United States, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Brazil.
“Artists Across Continents (2015 ) (2016 )”.
Pequeno Só No Formato – AAAGP Ano (2012)(2013)(2014)(2015)(2016).


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