Artist:Míriam Leonel, Brazil


Artist:Míriam Leonel, Brazil
The artist by the artist. He studied arts at the Escola de Artes Hp Mendes Brasília - DF, art history, drawing, and painting from 1985 to 1989. With various courses in contemporary art and cultures. Managing business management.
Training in the health area, post-surgical specialization. Facial aesthetics. Dermo-pigmentation Paramedic. The art flowed in childhood with participations in the Tabernacle Church Light of the Word, Domingos Leonel in singing and theater, was a Sunday teacher where he undertook his art with direction in plays with young adolescents and children, with the aim of, through the arts carry a message of peace.
He developed his intimate and creative side in a realistic style. With the years came the business side, was studying the image reproduction in GICLLE` technique on canvas and paper. In 2016 he directed his art to Brazilian Baroque with an international vision. It stands out in 2006 the exhibition at the headquarters of the United Nations Organizations in New York for peace world. Highlights were the works: ANJOS DE A ASA SO, ANGEL OF PEACE, and ETNIAS. In 2007 with an exhibition in Jerusalem at an international conference for peace. 2007 and 2008 - INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF MISSIONS IBCB - BAPTIST CHURCH. CENTRAL BRASILIA.
With its live art, broadcasted on TV and NET. With auctioned works for the acquisition of charitable funds. Stationery in Missions. International, Africa, Haiti, Guinea Bissau, Amazonas and Parintins, IBCB MISSIONS. Interview 2008 - CENTRALIZING Magazine with the Journalist Denise Santana - Brasília DF.
In 2012 participations in the book "ART AND JEWELRY" BLUE VIOLET By Vera Simões. Interview on TV ABERTA E CANAIS - SP, pure glamor program with the journalist Roberta Maia.
In 2013 exhibition with VITRINE CULTURAL SÃO PAULO 450 YEARS. Exhibition at Galeria Cores Spaces Arts - São Paulo 2013. Exhibition 2014 - Gallery Art & amp; Arte Lago Sul Brasilia, work: ANGEL OF PEACE BRAZIL, Work: ORDER AND PROGRESS, Curator Celina Kauffman (IN Memoriam). With works in Germany, Switzerland, and Turkey. (2014, launch, AGENDA BRASIL 2014), in the Bookstore Reading - Brasília DF).
Certificate of Honorable Mention for Works, (ANGEL OF PEACE OF ISRAEL, and ANGEL OF HOLOCAUST). Gallery ART & ART BRASILIA - BRAZIL. Participation in the Exhibition: "FEMALE OBJECT" Art Gallery Romero Brito & CO - São Paulo. Vera Simões Arts Office. CERTIFICATE OF ENABLING IN THE REGISTRY OF PROFESSIONAL PLASTIC ARTISTS SECRETARY OF STATE OF CULTURE OF THE FEDERAL DISTRICT. Exhibition: ART IN BOOK, in the Library Alceu Amoroso Lima with the work: ART OF ANGEL, Book Art registered at the National Library of Rio de Janeiro - 2015.
Exhibition 2016 at the Bank of Uruguay on Avenida Paulista São Paulo works: ANGEL OF ROSES, Curator Art Office By Vera Simões. Exhibition 2018 - August 11, 2018, HANS - Germany: Work: ANGELS of a Wing Only, Reversed Funds for Treatment of Post War Children - Curated by Lucia Hinz. Exhibition House of Portugal - São Paulo, date August 23, 2018: Work: ANJOS BRASIL - Work: Blue Angel, technique: Portuguese Azulejaria, BY MIRIAM LEONEL - Curatorship: Office of Art VERARTS - 2018. 2018 - INDICATED to join the Brazilian Academy of Fine Arts. Trademark - MIRIAM LEONEL.




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12.01.2019 14:26

Tania Marise Prego

O estilo barroco de Aleijadinho dignamente representado nas telas dessa excelente artista Miriam Leonel!!!Parabéns!!!

19.05.2016 00:17

fernando ferreira

very good have work in artist??