Synnøve Krokstad- Norway

Artist-    Norway

She was born in 1972 and grew up in Helgeland, the north coast of Norway. She currently lives and works in Stavanger, Norway.

Her main materials are oil paint, acrylic and monotopy. She had her debut in 2001 with a separate exhibition at Folken, Stavanger.

Her works have been shown at various galleries at home in Norway but also abroad as Museo de Arte in Mazatlan, Mexico,and at the Stone Metal Press Exhibitions, San Antonio, Texas,USA

Her work is inspired by nature,tensions, nuances, variations, and mental aspects of life. She doesn’t depict concrete landscape, but produces images on the basis of experience and feelings.

Art education

1993-1994           Bergeland school,Stavanger,Norway

1996-1999           The free art academy,Stavanger, Norway

2000-2001           Yang Zhu,Sandnes,Norway

2001-2002           Håkon Grønlien,Stavanger,Norway

2006-2007           art history,University of Stavanger,Norway

2007- to date       Lars Falck Jørgensen,Stavanger,Norway


1999      student exhibition,The Free Art Academy,Stavanger,Norway

2001      separate exhibition,Folken, Stavanger,Norway

2002      separate exhibition,Orlando, Dubrovnic, Croatia

2003      exhibition,Gallery Focus,Stavanger, Norway

2005      separate exhibition,Kramer, Stavanger,Norway

2006      exhibition,Gallery Jørpeland,Norway

2008      exhibition,Spinneriet,Hjelmeland,Norway

2009      exhibition,Museo de Arte Mazatlan, Mexico                             

2010          exhibition,Stone Metal Press,San Antonio,Texas,USA

2011          exhbition, Sola Atelie,Sola,Norway

2012          exhbition, Sola Atelie,Sola, Norway

2012          exhbition, Træna Festival,Træna, Norway

2013          exhbition, Sola Atelie,Sola, Norway