Laila Kolsrud Nilsen, Norway

I am self-taught in painting, but I have read a lot about painting methods. Afterwards I tried and failed and learned more and more. We (my husband and I) have two dogs, so we often take walks in the nature, and there I get most of my motives. I also have painted some portraits, and sometimes am asked to do paintings. I think it's exciting to get orders for special motives

I am a member of NFUK. - Norwegian Association

for independent artists.

I have participated in some exhibitions.

NFUK-Gallery Vera Drøbak

NFUK - Heggedal

The painting Fargehandel, Hønefoss 2012

The painting Fargehandel, Hønefoss 2011

Collectively Ringerike male club 3 times


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