Heidi Christensen, Denmark, To be presented in the book "Artists Across Continents"

Heidi Christensen
(Imagen Photography)


 Heidi Christensen from Aalborg, Denmark is 32 years old and a professionel Custom and Illustration Painter, she ownes the webshop www.airbrush-­‐shop.dk, is an airbrush instructor, studying to becomming a schoolteacher and has 2 lovely children with her husbond Lars Christensen.

 How did it all start

 Heidi has always been a person with a very strong creative mind and she has been drawing and coloring since she was a little girl where here big idol was her cusin Sandy who – in Heidi´s eyes, could draw anything. Especially eyes, hands, faces and shadowing were interestign for her. After a lot of years with pencils, paintbrushes, and colorpalettes, there just weren´t enough challenge in it anymore for her and she put it away for some time, but 7 years ago she picked up an airbrush and immediately she felt back on a new track.

 Inspiration and motivation

During the last 7 years Heidi has been attending a series og various airbrush instructors workshops. She has been tought by some of the best and most reknowned airbrushinstructors in the world –Dru Blair, Craig Fraser, Dennis Mathewson is just a few of them and she has hosted airbrushclasses with international instructors as Dru Blair and Mike Lavallee.

Attending all the courses has given her the option to try out all of the genres in airbrush and there is no doubt that her genre is photorealism. Her instuctor Dru Blair, who during the years has become a very good friend of the Christensens, is the reason she chose photorealism. She likes to mix and colormatch all of her colors and see how can make them spot on and all the techniques that can be used creating photorealism.

 Meeting all of the artists from arownd the world that she has, is a big motivation and inspiration but already from a very young age Heidi has been given a good feeling about her creative mind and her family has always been supporting her which has been crutial, whitout that, she woundn´t have been able to love and apriciate art the way she does. 


Knowing how important is it to have the support and someone who believe in you to be able to express yourself in the way of airbrush art, Heidi has a main goal to reach for when she has become a schoolteacher. Airbrush in the public schools in Denmark and here she wants to teach, guide and support them in how to use the airbrush, what to do next, what to do different and motivate them if they need it. Make them believe in them selfes. Students in Schools needs to have some better opportunitets to express themself through art and they need to see how easy it is to learn how to airbrush. The kids that has a potential future of beeing criminels might avoid it if they have something to do with their time outside school, they cant paint their computers, bikes etc, they just have to know that it is a possibilty and students that are already creative will have the opportunity to take their skills to a whole new level.

Beeing both a custom and illustration painter, Heidi gets to paint Motorcycles, cars, computers, boards, signs for shops, portraits etc.

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Saw your work in the Airbrushforum. I think it is fantastic.