Cintia Rosa Piza, Brazil



Artist: Cintia Rosa Piza, Brazil
Birth: 12/03/1975 – 44 anos
Nationality/Place of birth: Brazilian/Sao Paulo, SP
Higher Education: Business Administration Bachelor´s– Cambury University (1997).
Artistic Specialty: Techniques in Quilling Creative for paintings and panels - Self-taught
Description of the technique and history of the artist:
Cintia Rosa Piza is a Brazilian artist, born in São Paulo, SP - Brazil, and currently living in Goiania, State of Goias, Brazil.
Her studio is in her own home, where she feels comfortable to create her works. Member of the National Academy of Plastic Arts (Brazil).
From an early age, the artist had demonstrated great ease in handwork and artistic trends, becoming known for this gift.
In 2016 after working for some years in the creation of semi jewels, the artist discovered in paper filigrees the best way to manifest her artistic core. Since then, she has been creating works of art in quilling, a centennial technique already practiced in the Renaissance period by the nuns who lived in Europe and decorated their reliquaries.
The quilling spread throughout Europe throughout the centuries and was also coveted by the queens, who commissioned their pieces to decorate their rooms.
Today the quilling art is present all over the world, including some panels of the Sistine Chapel made entirely in quilling.
This is a meticulous work, which requires patience allied with creativity.
The artist Cintia Rosa, became an appreciator of quilling´s art and learned the technique with mastery in a short time, mastering step by step its possibilities.
Today it has a collection of approximately 60 works, some exhibited in several galleries around the world.
Her works are entering the international stage, and have already been exhibited and sold to various countries such as Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Dubai and others.
The artist began her work by re-reading famous paintings, but gradually discovered her own way of creating pieces and innovating in her work.
Invited to exhibit in several countries, such as Denmark, Holland, Spain, Portugal and France, she is currently registered for Bienalsur 2018/2019 (UNTREF / MUNTREF - Buenos Aires), competing for exhibition between June and September 2019.
Exhibitions / collective exhibitions:
Rome/Italy: SEP 03 to SEP 07, 2018 (Colege Arte)
Vienna/Austria: SEP 10 to SEP 14, 2018 (Colege Arte)
Bratislava / Slovakia: SEP 17 to SEP 21, 2018 (Colege Arte)
Sao Paulo / Brazil: NOV 27 to DEC 06, 2018 (Awarded in 2nd place)
London / UK: JAN 28, 2019 to FEB 12, 2019



Multi colorido!!
Elefante indiano 100x80cm
Com cerca de 7.000 tiras de papel(4mmx30cm)

Cavalo em mega 3d

Homenagem ao querido Chaplin...
Esses pontos ao fundo são novidade...
Este quadro tem cerca de 6.000 tiras de papel e a sedosa de 100 x 65cm

Coleção mandalas... trabalho feito no quilling... para execução desta.. foram usadas 3.000 tiras de papel aproximadamente...


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