Grethe Swahn, Sweden: To be represented in the book "Artists Across Continents


Practical  Pedagogical education

Official courses in psychology, sociology and method learning
IFM Westerdal commercial design school
Liverpool Polytechnic of Fine Art
Art college in Trondheim
Einar Granum Art school, Oslo 

Artistically  achievements:
 Member of LNM (Assosiation for national painters)and NBK (National union for artists)

1979 Norwegian annual autumn exhibition
1979 Norwegian cultural council exhibition at the MunchMuseum

Art adviser for RSU-Agder . Tonstad school, Sirdal council, Tvedestrand Library, Vennesla high school.

1978-1980 –  The Young artists assosiation

1977-1978 – Period of study Berlin
2012-2014. Agder Artcenter committee .



Solo exhibitions:

2013 Aalesunds Artassociation, ÅlesundCity

2013 Arteriet Gallery, KritiansandCity

2013  Pakkhuset Gallery , Arendal

2012 Agder  Artcenter, KristiansandCity

2012 Grimstad Artassociation, GrimstadCity

2011  The Schweigaardsgate Gallery 88, Oslo

2011 ”The Canal Exhibition””, Nome council /Telemark regional council

2010  Gallery Hindhede, Middelfart, Denmark

2010  ”Live art” in  Museumsgarden, Tvedestrand

2010  Søgne Old Priest Residens, Kristiansand

2009  Presentation of Art work in  the Chairman of the Regions office, Vest Agder Regional council

2009  Gallery Dreyer, Lillehammer

2008 Gallery The Blue Cube, Tvedestrand

2006 Arendal Art association
2007 Froland Verk Cultural center
2006 Loddesol gard, Arendal
2005 Gallery Pingvin Oslo
2004 Gallery Lista Fyr
2004 Gallery Z ,Lillehammer City
2003 Tvedestrand Art association
2001 Skuret Gallery, Oslo
1998 Gallery Dalype, Oslo
1996 Aurland Herradshus, Sogn og Fjordane Region
1995 Tvedestrand Art association
1980 Club 7, Oslo


Collective Exhibitions

2013  «The Art has a voice», Arendal association

2013  Arteriet , Kristiansand, group

2012 Galleri Fine Art, Aker Brygge , Oslo

2011  Gallery Vera, Drøbak,

2011  Open Arthall Oslo,

2011  Fevik Church. ”Skapt for å skape”,

2011  ”Purchased” Ulefoss Hovedgård,

2011  “ Something Yellow”. Sommerexhibiyion, Agder Artcenter.

2010  The Autumnexhibition CCvest, Oslo

2010  The Biennale of Drawings, Kristiansand

2010  Gallery His, Arendal (kommisjon)

2009  Agderbiennalen, Risør Art Association

2009  Galleri 9, Kristiansand

2010   The Artcentre in Kristiansand, Sommerexhibition

2009   NBK - Agder, Member exhibition

2009   Elverum Artgallery (kommisjon)

2008   The Scholarship exhibition, Oslo

2008   Oslo ART Fair

1981   Gallery T 25 (Oslo)

2008 Art in Mind, Denmark
2006 Asker Art association
2006 Hillestad Gallery
2006 Bla Kube (Tvedestrand)
2004 Nesodden Art Association
2003  Augusta Gallery(Kvinesdal)
2002  Hillestad Gallery
2000 Grimstad Art Association
1995 Grimstad Art Association

1982 Den Hvite Elefant (Oslo)
1980 Gallery T25, Oslo

1979 Norwegian annual autumn exhibition
1979 Norwegian cultural council exhibition at the MunchMuseum

Official purchased by:

2013  Østre Agder Fire Service, Arendal

2011   Nome council

2011  Holla Bank, Nome council

2010   Søgne Artassiciation

2008   Tvedestrand  council,

2006   Selmer Skanska

1979  The Norwegian Cultural Selection

1980   AB Bates Advertisingfirm, 

1989   Aurland Council


2013  The National exhibition grant

2010  The Canal stipendium, Nome Council

2010  The National exhibition grant

2009  Aust  Agder RegionalCouncil Cultural Grant

1989  The National Districts  Development Grant



2010  Kontrast Officefellowship A/S, Tvedestrand

1994   Aurland primaryschool


Artistical illustations:

Winelabels for Apotekergaarden Restaurant, Grimstad 2012. Poster for the Canal Musical Festival in Telemark 2011. 1979- 1990: Pax publishing house, Gyldendal publishing house, Norwegian Film, The Riks theatre, Idun Factory, Landbruksdata
Aurland Counsil, Recordcover: Jazz Police, Ingrid Mohr, Atle Pakusch Gundersen


Work practise:

2011 Land Art with DypvaagSchool. 2011 Artworkshop for schoolclasses Nome Council. 2010 – ”Ingen sommer uten terner” Artprosject for children in cooperation with the Cultural Coast Festival Week in Tvedestrand.

2010 – The cultural rugsack. Workshop in animation. Tvedestrand shool og Songe school.

2009 -  Workshop in animaton, cut out tekhnic . Organizer : Kulturskolen Ost i Agder

2007,2008, 2009,2010 – Responsibel for  the stageart for The Musical for 9 klasse  Lyngmyr Youthschool.

2004,2007 –  Landart. Workshop i. Organizer: The Cultural School in The East of  Agder Region.

1998-2010 Administration responsibility and teaching for avd. Art , The Cultural school in Ost i Agder

 Den Kulturelle Skolesekken for Tvedestrand school og Songe school 2006
Freelance teacher for . Lyngmyr Ungdomskole, Stromsbu Videregaende, Tvedestrand Skole 2000-2004
Subject in art, Tvedestrand Videregaende 2004
Painting courses for adults 2000-2005
Own firm for illustration and design (Dax Design, Aurland Kommune 1989-1994)
Ogilvy & Mather Advertisingfirm 1987
Askeladden Advertisingfirm 1986
Mc Cann Erickson 1985
AB Bates Advertisingfirm 1983