Maria Lícia B. Simonetti- Brazil

ARTIST:Lícia B. Simonetti- Brazil

Simonetti Lycia, Lycian pseudônomo artistic Maria Bonin Simonetti was born in Limerick, Sp 1962.Neta in the Neapolitan painter Antonio
Panaro which since 1919 has used the téclnica fresco to paint several churches in Brazil, since the age of eight became interested the visual arts.
Self-taught, the artist has developed several painting techniques, drawing on the large mestres.Participou workshops with renowned
painters as Ludmila Araujo, Douglas Franschetti, Rubenza, Demetrius Nunes and Rocco Caputo.
Alongside artist produces various handicrafts, doing painting on cloth, in woods, patchwork, panel walls, plaster baroque, marbling
and patina on walls. among other techniques.
27 years dedicated to the primary education being a teacher for 12 years and 15 years as director. Since his teenage years has sought
to convey all his knowledge for the sake of art and their students.
Conducted studies in Art History major museums of Europe, participated in individual Expsições in France, Portugal and Italy.
Was selected to attend the Biennial Internaciional Art of Florence (2011) and the International Biennial of Art in Rome (2012).
Silver medal in Dubai-United Arab Emirates (2011). Silver Medal Metropolitan Museum Buenos Aires (2011), bronze medal Santiago de
Chile (2011).
Has works in many private collections abroad in Brazil and the Museum of Art of São Parliament Paulo.Livro Brazil / Italy (2012),
Biennial of Contemporary Art of the Mediterranean (2013)

Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway.