Vildete Dall Bello Pesutto: Galley Eclettica, Spoleto, Italia. Gallery La Pigna, Roma

Artist - Vildete Dall Bello Pessutto  

Bento Gonçalves-RS-Brazil

Participated in national and international exhibitions as Cuba, Mexico, New York, Portugal, the Louvre in Paris, London, Italy, Chile, Spain and Uruguay.
Participation in international catalog Portugal and New York, and in Brazil, among others, the "Art Gallery In Brazil," the book "They Think They ...
They paint!" (LITERARTE) and the book "Brazil from A to Z" Biographical Institute of Brazil (SP), "I 'Art contemporain du Brésil" by Divine édition, and
"Realism Latin Latin American art." Publications in newspapers and magazines in your area.
Honors received: "Great Cultural Merit Medal Kinga Elisabeth" and "Medal and Diploma Commander" by the Brazilian Design Visual Arts (RJ), "Diploma of Merit and Female",
by the Brazilian Academy of Arts, Culture and History (SP ) and Silver Medals, Bronze, Honorable Mention, Merit, Honors and Special Distinction Award. Is a
corresponding member in Brazil, the Academy of Arts and Letters of Valparaíso Chile and Membre d'Honneur of Divine Fracaise Academie des Arts Lettreset Culture, France.
In 2007, she was honored with one of his works, depicting the Italian Immigration in Brazil, stating how the illustration poster for the event "Vicenza Jazz Festival /
Brazil Fantastic" in Vicenza, Italy.
Cultural Institutions: State and was vice president of AAPLASG (RS), the AGAPA (RS), the group "Art Without Borders" (PR), the "Rossello Damiano: Arts,
Artisti, Curatori and Galleri" - Savona, Italy; and "El es La Style absence of Style", Argentina.
His works are part of private and institutional collections in Brazil, USA, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Chile, Uruguay, Poland and Cuba.
His work reflects a passion for the diversity of Brazil. Diversity of races, music, arts and culture How is the Serra Gaucha, wine region and the Italian.
colonization, and that theme scenario is depicted in many of his works. "The art and painting, expresses the charm of poetry in motion, and colors ... Each stroke,
each ink writes beauty, in the eye and soul which contemplates ... "concludes the artist who draws, paints and writes with the soul.
Several exhibitions organized for Jiselda Salbu- GIGI -in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and also in Chile,Argentina .
Several exhibitions organized for Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway -:Gallery EcletIica -Spoletto-Gallery La Pigna,Roma in 2013.
She has participated Illustrated Book  Realismo Latino-organized for Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway 2013.
Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists.


O descanso

A Espanhola na janela do tempo

A Mulher

A Violoncelista

La Musicista

Mulher de Azul

E o tempo e o vento - 90x90