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Artist Visual : Rosângela Vig, Brazil


Rosângela Araújo Pires Vig – Rosângela Vig .She bor in Sorocaba,Brazil.
Graduation - Letters Master’ degree - Communication and Culture Current Professions:
Teacher Plastic Artist
Artistic Area Experience:
- Prizes, medals and certificates received for the Works made of charcoal, color pencil, oil pastel and acrylic paintings and drawings, on the contests of COFRART
(S. Paulo), Galeria Elmi Acioli, Editora Domani and prefeitura de Sorocaba.
- Art Exhibitions in the Espaço Municipal de Cultura de Sorocaba and in São Paulo, which were comunicated on Rede Globo, Jornal Cruzeiro do Sul and Revista Bianchini.
- Works published on the magazines of Editora on Line.
- Prized on the first Bienal of Sorocaba.
- Museu de Arte Moderna Exhibition in October 2008, São Paulo.
- Representative of the São Paulo State in the International Circuit of Brazilian Art in the following countries: Austria, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, The Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Italy, Tunisia and in museums and galleries of Paraná and Minas Gerais.
- My Mastering Thesis was a study on the Modern Art, with a study of the Work Guernica of Pablo Picasso, with a Semiotic and Philosophic vision of the work, compared to the Literature.
Professional Historic:
Current Jobs:
UNIP – Sorocaba – Art History teacher, Scientific Project Metodology teacher, Design Topics teacher, Web Marketing teacher, Services Management teacher, Interpersonal Relationship teacher – Since August, 2013.
COLÉGIO SALESIANO – Sorocaba - English teacher since January 2006.
COLÉGIO VÉRITAS – Sorocaba – Text and Handwriting teacher, Literature teacher, since January 2006.
Graduation - Letters
Master’ degree - Communication and Culture
Holdings and Awards:
2012 - Solo exhibition of eleven works with pencil and screens in Bar Kabul, in Avenida Consolação, Sao Paulo
2012 - State Representative of Saint Paul International Circuit of Brazilian Art
2012 - Exclusive Report highlighted section in the Journal Bianchini, October
2014 - Honorable Mention in the Hall of Plastic Arts of Arceburgo
2014 - Silver Medal at the Rio International Art Exhibition - FIFA World Cup 2014 Rio de Janeiro
2014 - International Circuit of Brazilian Art - London, Austria and Belo Horizonte (Inimá de Paula Museum)
2014 - Award at the International Circuit of Brazilian Art in Europe
2015 - Exhibition of 15 works, for a month, the Library of Shopping Villa Lobos Culture
2015 – Silver Medal in the Dubai international Brazilian Art Fair
2015 - Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists .


Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway.


Rosângela Vig - Visual Artist
My Pages:
GGN Journal
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  Professora Rosângela Vig

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Balance balloon and pure souls

Balloon, Ballerina and and Dandelions

Imaginary worlds and balloons 1 x 1

Balloons painted on wood

Balloons over the Monocromatic City

Cidade Derretida 3 editada com nome

Boats arriving at the imaginary city

Inverno no Castelo

Visions of the Imaginarium

Visoes do Imaginario


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