Artist: Dina Garcia, Brazil

Artist: Dina Garcia, Brazil
She was born in Cruz das Almas-Bahia, Brazil, on September 27, 1966.
A self-taught plastic artist with influences, Fauvism, Cubists and Expressionist. But with
her own style, her painting refuses all academic convention, subject to the instinctive laws
of harmony of colors in the composition of the frame. Varied theme and acrylic technique.
Ateliê Dina Garcia: Av. Getúlio Vargas, nº 137, Center, Cruz das Almas, Bahia, Brazil.
72 • Collective Exhibitions - Bahia (Salvador and several cities of the Recôncavo of
Bahia), in São Paulo (capital, Campinas, Itapetininga and Limeiras) and in Rio de Janeiro
(capital and Búzios).
17 • Individual exhibitions Salvador and the Recôncavo da Bahia.
16 • International Collective Expositions:
2006 - Rouge Ebene. Municipal Museum of Emotions, Longwy Haut, France.
2013 - International Auction of Contemporary Art. Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France.
2015 - Out of Bounds Freedom of Expression Exhibition. Blue Door Art Center, New
York, United States.
2015 - Multiform Ethnic Creativity. Eugênio Teixeira Leal Museum and Galleria d'Arte
Associazione Culturale Eclettica World, Salvador, Brazil.  2015 - Le Laudi del Colore 2. Museo Civico, Tocco da Causaria, Italy.
2016 - Brasilianische Kunst in Wien. Galerie Koko, Vienna, Austria.
2016 - Brazilian Art in Porto. Porto Art Gallery, Porto, Portugal.
2016 - III JUNI FEST 2016 House Brazil Liechtenstein. Vaduzer Saal Cultural Center,
Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein.
2017 - Tribute to Gustav Klimt. The Vienna Workshop Gallery, Vienna, Austria.
2017 - In Art Fair. Porto Art Gallery, Porto, Portugal.
2017 - Cultural Week Brazil. Embassy of Brazil, Oslo, Norway.
2017 - Art Shopping. Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France.
2018 - International Art Show. Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
2018 - International Cultural Exchange of Arts. The Vienna Workshop Gallery, Vienna,
2018 - Expo Suisse. Galerie Cathedrale, Fribourg, Switzerland.
2018 – Expo Bergen. Form Gallery, Bergen, Norway.
2016 - 3rd place in the Figurative Painting category in III JUNI FEST 2016 Casa Brasil
2017 - Silver Medal at Cultural Week Brazil in Oslo, Norway. (ARTCOM EXPO
2018 - Bronze medal at the International Art Show in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.   (ARTCOM EXPO INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ARTIST'S)
2018 - Creativity Medal in International Cultural Arts Exchange, Vienna, Austria.
9th Biennial of the Recôncavo. Centro Cultural Dannemann, São Félix, Bahia, Brazil,
2008. Participated with the selected work "PORTRAIT OF FAMILY III".
Operational Show of Art. Galeno d'Avelírio Culture House, Cruz das Almas, Bahia,
Brazil, 2010. He made the stage design of the event.
Member: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists.

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