15. apr, 2015

Artist- Milena Nobre - London

Artist:Milena Nobre - Portugal
I was born in Sines, Portugal the land of the Great Vasco da Gama, the first European to reach India by sea.
Sines was then a small quiet fisherman’s village, with beautiful beaches, fantastic food and full of History, with settlements from
the beginnings of Europe’s colonization, to the Romans until today, when it become part of modern Portugal.
It is no longer so quiet, as a large industrial Hub, but still managed to keep its most valuable jewels, attracting crowds to visit
the fantastic beaches, museums historic buildings and restaurants.
At the young age of five years old, I went to live in France with my parents, made friends for life, and that was just the beginning
of a long life of traveling.
I ended up returning to Sines. Just like Vasco da Gama, I've spend most of my life traveling, I had the privilege of knowing a lot
of different cultures, arts history and colors, and get the many memories that inspire me today.
After I finished my studies, I worked as a Financial manager, before I become involved on several business ventures.
I moved to the North before I returned to the South of Portugal once again.
One day, life took me to Oman. It was there that I started to immerse myself in  the smell of turpentine and oil, rather then my
beloved Channel Number 5, and I really discovered how I love to paint.
I had classes with a very talented teacher who encouraged me a lot. 
I prefer to paint nudes, which is not very compatible in a Muslim culture.
In Oman, I had to be isolated in a corner of the room and carry the paints hidden in the car boot. Good times with many funny stories.
Two years ago I left Oman and moved from Middle East brow tones of the desert sands and mountains,  to the green fields, forests and
gardens of England.
That is where I spend most of my time today, between my regular trips to Portugal, and occasional ones to other countries.
I am lucky to be able to have a nice view from my conservatory, where I work while the weather changes and time flies.
Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists .


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